RACSR, a Dynamic Framework for Leadership Development

A few weeks ago, I attended another excellent Coaches Breakfast, hosted by Art Pittman of the ALN.  Art introduced the RACSR model for coaching, developed by the Center for Creative Leadership. I wanted to share my impressions and takeaways.


RACSR stands for relationship, assessment, challenge, support, results.  It provides a good model for thinking about where you are in a coaching conversation, and what types of questions and feedback you are getting from a client.

Relationship — how they are to others, and with you? This is where you recognize and strive to build the coaching relationship with the client.  Pay attention to relational ideas that build trust and rapport.

Assessment — what are some changes, growth, reactions? Notice opportunities for the client to make assessments, or provide feedback when appropriate.  Allow them to assess their own ideas or past actions.

Challenge — what are some experiences, beliefs, actions, assumptions, biases? Challenge these. Work with the client to bring them up in a meaningful way, and allow space for them to confront anything incongruent.

Support — how do you further develop the coaching relationship?  This is more closely related to the first R, relationship (and in fact I would reframe the acronym to RSCAR). What are you doing to be present? Notice nonverbal cues and listen with focused listening.

Results — what will they do, by when, how will I know? Help the client to determine next steps. Always look for one step toward better, and develop accountability as a service toward improvement.

I look forward to incorporating into future conversations.  Where are you on the conversation arc?

Until the next Iteration . . .


share your thoughts?