Meta-Cast (@metahypencast)

meta-cast_logoAfter about six months of focused, dedicated listening to the Meta-Cast, an agile podcast hosted by Bob Galen & Josh Anderson I am proud to say that I finally finished all 117 episodes! I started from the beginning early this year, and have listed to them all, roughly in order.  I actually finished with Episode 100: Six Years of Agile Learning just yesterday. It was very fitting to round out the binge-listening with this reflection on where Bob and Josh started, where they are now, and where they can go in the future.

The Meta-Cast was actually the first Agile Podcast that started listening to, and I am excited to continue a journey to explore the rest of the podcasts in The Agile Podcast Network (including Agile Coffee with Victor Bonacci, Agile for Humans with Ryan Ripley, Deliver It with Cory Bryan,  and Reflection as a Service with James Jeffers and Paul Merrill — it is worth noting that three of the six are in the Triangle of NC!)

Bob and Josh have some excellent discussions about agile practices and methods, and always relate back to agile principles and values.  There are far too many topics to try to list here, but for anyone interested in learning more about agile software development, scrum, and any of several scaling ideas, I highly recommend this podcast.


Until the Next Iteration . . .


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